He Dies At The End (and various other horror shorts)

Ready for some more horror shorts? I did one of these posts not too long ago to highlight the horror short “Monster” and a few other creepy shorts (which you can watch here). I loved tracking these little films down so much that I was itching to scour the internet for more of them. And now I’ve found some! So let’s talk about ’em.

First up, we have the short above, entitled “He Dies At The End.” Before you ask, I have no idea if it was in any way an inspiration for the movie John Dies at the End. I just know that this short, written and directed by Damian McCarthy, is a masterclass in building tension. Seriously, just try to watch it and not get a little nervous. It’s pretty brilliant. And then the end…well, I’m not gonna ruin it for you. But you’ll have to let me know what you think. Heh.

“The Little Witch”

Sometimes all it takes to give someone the heebie jeebies is a two-minute clip. AMCBROOM/media clearly understands that. In this creepy little video adapted from a Reddit user’s version of this story, everything seems all rainbows and butterflies for a while…and then the end happens. *shiver*


Again, this is one that starts so innocent, yet ends up so, so creepy. Fun fact about this: it’s actually written and directed by ex-Pixar animator Rodrigo Blaas. And I can totally see that because it starts out with a Pixar vibe. But what happens to this little girl is the stuff of nightmares. If this tells you anything, “alma” means “soul” in Spanish. That’s all I’m saying.

“Still Life”

If you are deathly afraid of mannequins, then I strongly advise you not to watch this one. Because this film utilizes them in the creepiest possible way. Brookstreet Pictures exposes that inherent creepiness of mannequins in a way that is not only very effective, but very clever, too. There’s a good chance you won’t see this ending coming. I sure didn’t.


Guys! The people who made “Lights Out” have a whole bunch of horror shorts! And they’re all fantastic!!! I’m going to try to put one in each of these posts if I can because these folks really make great films. Though if you’re anxious to see them all right now, feel free to go to Ponysmasher’s YouTube page. Anyway, this one will have you paying extra attention to some of the pictures on your wall. Heck, you might just take down all your pictures after this…

Have fun with these? Have some scares? I just think these little horror films are a blast. I could watch them all day…and then have nightmares, like, for the rest of my life. Eeeek! 😉

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