Aaaaaaand we’re back!

Like a post-nap pack of corgi puppies, I am back with renewed energy.

Like a post-nap pack of corgi puppies, I am back with renewed energy.

Good day, friends! After a little R & R and almost no time spent accomplishing the things I really wanted/needed to accomplish (sigh), I have returned! However, before I hop right back into things, I just wanted to type up a post explaining a few changes in how good ol’ Triple S (Silver Screen Serenade) is going to be posting from now on. Continue reading

Silver Screen Serenade is taking a break

Much like this sleepy puppy, I’m taking a break.

Hey, guys! Just wanted to put up a quick post reminding everyone that I’m on a bit of a break right now, as I said in last Friday’s post. No posts this week, and very probably none next week either. Don’t worry–nothing’s wrong. Just wanted to take some time to chill and catch up on everyone’s blogs. Continue reading

Taking a Break (Kind of)

I would be lying if I said this picture serves any other purpose than "I love Benedict Cumberbatch."

I would be lying if I said this picture serves any other purpose than “I love Benedict Cumberbatch.”

Hey, guys. Soooo here’s the deal–in case you haven’t noticed, my presence on WordPress lately has been wimpy at best. See, I’ve had the job I’m currently working for six months now, but I still haven’t really found a good balance between work and blogging, not to mention that whole “having a life” thing. Lol. Continue reading



That’s right ladies and gents, I’m here in all of my Unclean Glory…. When I was talking with Cara about my idea for her upcoming blogathon – and that it would require a bunch of uploading, she suggested making me an author on her site here so I could “upload those damned things myself” (sic). Of course I was all “YES YES  YES YES YES I CLEAN UP GOOD!!!!” and she said “OK, but no rough housing, horsing around or farting” …….. and then I got my invite…. Continue reading


I am 1,000% excited to announce that I have been declared a CHAMPION!! Read all about it! Thanks so very much to Eric of The IPC for putting on this glorious contest, and congrats to EVERYONE for all of their awesome entries!! Seriously, there were so many hilarious reviews of terrible movies that I don’t know how anyone could decide their favorites! I sure had a heck of a time choosing. But thanks so much to all of you voters who got enough of a chuckle out of my write-up to deem it worthy of a vote. You are awesome, and I am on cloud nine. LONG LIVE SHITFEST!!!!!

Isaacs Picture Conclusions


YOU CAME!!! (not like that!!!)






But it wasn’t easy!! This contest saw numerous lead changes and was TIED up until some votes came in Friday night! A SHITFEST WORLD RECORD 102!!! people voted this time around (that’s 510 total votes!!!) and late Friday night DARK CARA and her PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES rolled a pack of Lucky Strikes up her shirt sleeve, greased her hair into a fine, golden coif and went out shanking the other contenders, emerging from a pool of blood: VICTORIOUS!!! HOORAY for DARK CARA!! Just don’t tell her mom!!

But seriously though, this was a WONDERFUL time and I think everyone had fun! When do you want to do this again???

Now, I’ll put on my welding goggles, my welding apron and some gloves (for safety) and head out into my blood stained dungeon

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Lee Thompson Young commits suicide

Lee Thompson Young commits suicide

So sad and surprised to hear about the passing of Lee Thompson Young today. For those of you familiar with Disney shows of the ’90s, Young was the star of The Famous Jett Jackson. It’s a show I remember fondly from my childhood, and I’m shocked to hear that Young apparently shot himself. He was only 29. Between his death and the death of Glee star Cory Monteith, young Hollywood couldn’t get much more depressing lately…