Cara’s Top 10 Robin Williams Roles


Hey, guys. This is definitely belated, but I still wanted to share it. Last week was, sadly, the anniversary of Robin Williams’ death. A year later and we’re all still reeling from it, I think. Here’s a list I did last year celebrating some of my favorite Robin Williams roles.

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Gees, guys. The hits just keep on coming, huh? I had initially planned something else for today, but given the news we all received yesterday, I felt like I should do something to pay my respects. After the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman earlier this year, now we have to say goodbye to another one of the greats: Robin Williams. I’m still in shock about this one. 

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Aaaaaaand we’re back!

Like a post-nap pack of corgi puppies, I am back with renewed energy.

Like a post-nap pack of corgi puppies, I am back with renewed energy.

Good day, friends! After a little R & R and almost no time spent accomplishing the things I really wanted/needed to accomplish (sigh), I have returned! However, before I hop right back into things, I just wanted to type up a post explaining a few changes in how good ol’ Triple S (Silver Screen Serenade) is going to be posting from now on. Continue reading

Duets: Trainwreck and Paper Towns

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It’s Friday once again! Huzzah! And I’ve got a brand-spankin’ new pair of films to talk about. The target audiences for these are way different from each other, but they kind of touch on some of the same themes, I guess (albeit very, very loosely), and they’re both actually pretty good for what they are. But we’ll get into that. Continue reading