Cage of Thrones

The night is dark and full of Cages...

The night is dark and full of Cages…

Remember when I was all, “Guys, I’m totally gonna get back to reviewing movies soon!!!” …Yeah. Well, I will eventually. :/ I’ll be honest: I have family in town right now, so I have neither the time nor the desire to spend excessive time at a computer this week. BUT NEXT WEEK I SWEAR!!! …Probably. ;) Continue reading

Blogiversary Bash 2015: Film Grimoire

I Googled "1973 party" and this came up. Party on, you strawberry-loving hippies.

I Googled “1973 party” and this came up. Party on, you strawberry-loving hippies.

Guys…is it seriously July??? This year is officially half over, and I am astounded. Like, shouldn’t it still be January? …But I digress. The purpose of today’s post is not at all to mourn the passing of half the year, but to vigorously celebrate the appearance of yet another superb Blogiversary Bash guest blogger!! Continue reading

Film Club: Porky’s


I may not have had the time to partake in this awesome edition of Film Club, but you should still totally read it because it was my buddy Eric’s choice! :)

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For this months edition of Film Club, new member Eric from the IPC was forced into picking our film for July. Keeping to type, Eric chose something trashy and full of debauchery, Porky’s. Below are his reasons for picking Porky’s followed by everyone’s thoughts on the cult comedy.

I’ve been reading these group posts for a while now and when Kieron asked me to join the club, it came with a debt – I had to choose the movie for this month. I went and looked at all of the older films they’ve talked about and thought I might lighten it up a bit, but I was very nervous being the new guy and choosing something not…. “prolific” so to speak…. I mean, most of what I write about at my place is not prolific whatsoever and it’s mostly crap movies and even crappier writing.

So…. having received my…

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Blogiversary Bash 2015: Consumed by Film

If it wasn't already a party, it totally is now. Because Batman and Robin. DANCING.

If it wasn’t already a party, it totally is now. Because Batman and Robin. DANCING.

TGIF, party people! Ready to continue with some Blogiversary Bash goodness? Oh, I know you are. :) I’ve got another superb guest for you today: the soon-to-be uni grad, Adam of Consumed by Film! That’s right, Adam is graduating, so be sure to pop on over to his excellent movie review site and say congrats! Continue reading

Magic Mike, as interpreted by children

Guys, I pinky swear I will be back to posting actual reviews again soon, but…can I just have one more lazy video post? Like, just one more? …Okay, it probably won’t be my last lazy video post. But really, I will be back to movie reviews next week. I still have three new movies to tackle! And I was going to do a post dealing with that today, but when I saw this wonderful video, no force on Earth could keep me from sharing it.

As you know, I’m quite fond of Jimmy Fallon and all his Tonight Show shenanigans, so when I saw the summary for this one, I knew it had to be watched as soon as possible. Channing Tatum was on the show to promote Magic Mike XXL–a movie that I have literally zero interest in after the first one kinda sucked. (Also, “XXL?” Seriously?) But what Fallon and co. did for this little sketch was ask elementary school students to write short scenes titled “Magic Mike.” That’s all the kids had to go with–the title. They didn’t know anything about the films; they just used the titles and filled in the stories themselves. Fallon and Tatum picked a few of these scenes to perform, and they are all 100% hilarious. If you need some laughs to get you through the rest of your day, I suggest this.

Blogiversary Bash 2015: Coolsville

Ain't no party like a Blog Bash party 'cause a Blog Bash party has adorable rodents in hats.

Ain’t no party like a Blog Bash party ’cause a Blog Bash party has adorable rodents in hats.

Happy Hump Day and let the guest posts BEGINNNNN!!! My Blogiversary Bash is officially underway, and I’m thrilled to present the first of several too-cool-for-school guest bloggers who will be popping up on here to celebrate their favorite movies however they see fit. Are you as excited as I am?! I hope so!! Continue reading