I am 1,000% excited to announce that I have been declared a CHAMPION!! Read all about it! Thanks so very much to Eric of The IPC for putting on this glorious contest, and congrats to EVERYONE for all of their awesome entries!! Seriously, there were so many hilarious reviews of terrible movies that I don’t know how anyone could decide their favorites! I sure had a heck of a time choosing. But thanks so much to all of you voters who got enough of a chuckle out of my write-up to deem it worthy of a vote. You are awesome, and I am on cloud nine. LONG LIVE SHITFEST!!!!!

7 thoughts on “AND THE SHITFEST 2014: WINTER WINNER IS!!!!!

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  2. Happy for you Cara!!! Glad to see you winning! Your review was quite good and I agree 100% with it. Paranormal Activity sure is marked like the walls of a porta-potty I tell ya!

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