Silver Screen Serenade is taking a break

Much like this sleepy puppy, I’m taking a break.

Hey, guys! Just wanted to put up a quick post reminding everyone that I’m on a bit of a break right now, as I said in last Friday’s post. No posts this week, and very probably none next week either. Don’t worry–nothing’s wrong. Just wanted to take some time to chill and catch up on everyone’s blogs. Because, as I’m sure many of you have noticed, I am way, way behind on my reading. Gonna try to remedy that. Also, when I come back there’s a good chance I’m going to change up my usual five posts a week format. I’m thinking of downgrading to two or three posts a week–maybe permanently, maybe just until I start to feel caught up on stuff. We’ll see. Anyway, have an excellent week, everyone! I’ll be around if there’s anything you need. 🙂

26 thoughts on “Silver Screen Serenade is taking a break

    • It’s really, really hard to commit to tearing yourself away for a while, but it’s something I’ve been needing, I think. Gotta take a break, do some catching up, and come back refreshed. 🙂

  1. I have been missing you around here, but I need to play so much catch up all over the show, I don’t actually know what the hell to do about it anymore hahahaha.

    I see that you are back, but I am only getting to this “remember I am taking a break” reminder now.

    Maybe I should also contemplating posting fewer posts for a while, my exams and studies are getting so out of hand.

    • Believe me, I am right there with you, lady. I still love blogging, but it’s nearly impossible to find a good balance of posting regularly and keeping up with everyone else. I say if you need to take a break and/or cut down posts, you go for it. The nice thing about the bunch we run around with on here is that everyone understands that the real world comes first. Hopefully both of us will square things away one day. What we really need to do is win a bunch of money, not have to hold down jobs, and be able to become full-time bloggers. 😀

      • It is a relief to know that they get that, don’t have time for internet drama as well! I am sure we will get it all sorted out sometime! Ooooooh, see, now I am so on board with that one. I need to buy a lotto ticket.

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