For today’s treatment of Mistress Cara’s April Fools program, I bring to the table the wildly popular, international film that EVERYONE has seen and written about throughout the ages, the amazing and wonderful WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SOLANGE!! Remember when you saw this the first, second or third times? Continue reading

NOOOOvember 2014: Isaacs Picture Conclusions

Hello!! Look who’s back to seduce and destroy Silver Screen Serenade???!!????!!!! That’s right!! Today I take pen in hand to dive – but not DRIVE – into a pitiful film from the makers of DRIVE that promised us SO MUCH and delivered JACK SHIT – that’s right, for Mistress Cara’s NOOOOvember, I present to you the LOUSY, that’s right, I used the word lousy, ONLY GOD FORGIVES.


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Blogiversary Bash: THE IPC

When Mistress Cara first announced that she would:

  • Let me out of the cellar
  • Let me consume human food again
  • Let me bathe
  • Host a blogathon about our favorite things

I was all about it. But then I sat in my corner like the good boy that I am, wearing my “Be Good Son” paper sack on my head thinking about it and it dawned on me that I’ve probably already written about my favorite movies on my own site so what could I do? Continue reading



That’s right ladies and gents, I’m here in all of my Unclean Glory…. When I was talking with Cara about my idea for her upcoming blogathon – and that it would require a bunch of uploading, she suggested making me an author on her site here so I could “upload those damned things myself” (sic). Of course I was all “YES YES  YES YES YES I CLEAN UP GOOD!!!!” and she said “OK, but no rough housing, horsing around or farting” …….. and then I got my invite…. Continue reading