Resolutions 2014: The Third Man

the third man 1

TGIF, friends! Hope your day has been wonderful so far! And if not, hey, it’s almost the weekend! Anyway, so Resolutions 2014 is still rolling along, and this particular guest blogger has certainly done a good portion of the work to keep it going. Continue reading

Resolutions 2014: Carrie (2013)

carrie drakulus

So if you’ve been paying attention to Resolutions 2014, you may be thinking, “Wait a hot second–haven’t we discussed Carrie already?” The answer is yes…but no. Haha. Last week, Mikey from Screenkicker discussed the original Carrie (read his write-up here), but now we get to hear about a different version. Continue reading

Resolutions 2014: First Blood

first blood

Pilates: it’s a lot tougher than it looks.

It’s been a tidal wave of guest bloggers lately and I’m LOVING it! Seriously, you guys are making my job easy. Maybe I should just stop posting my own stuff altogether and leave it all to you beautiful, brilliant guests. It’s very tempting…but I will try, I think, to do something of my own this week. Continue reading