Versatile Blogger and Blog of the Year Awards!


The wonderful Mr. Drakulus nominated me for these forever ago, and I feel like a wretched individual for just now getting around to them! Nonetheless, I thought I’d sneak this post in before the start of a new year. So here we go!

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Frozen: a Disney delight


Hello, friends! After a brief holiday hiatus, I’m back! However, I think I might be the very last person on Earth to review this film. Or at least the last person on WordPress. I don’t know how many of you have been paying attention to the saga of me trying to see this movie, but it’s been quite a journey. Continue reading

6-Month Blogiversary!

6-month blogiversary?! Adorable panda cake for EVERYONE!

6-month blogiversary?! Adorable panda cake for EVERYONE!

My, oh, my–how six months fly! Seriously, I cannot believe it’s been six months since I started Silver Screen Serenade. On June 20th, I was but a wee baby blogger introducing herself to the big ol’ world. And now? Well, now I’m really not much more than a toddler blogger (if even that), but I’d like to believe I’ve learned a thing or two. Continue reading