Lights Out

Hey, guys! Remember that film review I promised you? Yeahhhh. I chose to sleep instead of write that. Lol. But I pinky swear that it will be all written and ready for your perusal first thing tomorrow! And by “first thing” I probably mean my usual noonish post time. But you catch my drift.

Any ol’ who, I decided I couldn’t leave you high and dry, so I thought I’d post something in the same vein of what I’ll be sharing with you tomorrow (spoilers!). This is a very short, very spooky video that I discovered courtesy of Anna over at Film Grimoire. Entitled “Lights Out,” this extremely effective lil’ horror snagged the Best Director award in the “Who’s There Film Challenge,” and it completely deserved it. Some films take an hour-and-a-half to spook you; this one doesn’t even take three minutes. So check it out–at your own risk. 😉 Thank you so much, Anna, for bringing this to my attention!

23 thoughts on “Lights Out

    • If you have to pick one, I’d prefer the former please. I can’t be held responsible for how Miguel would respond to the latter. You don’t even wanna know what he did when he found out about Robert’s note… *shudder*

      • It’s ok I only had a few minuites of unrest thinking about that creepy being before falling asleep. Thanks for showing it though it was really good and better then most full-length horror films I’ve seen recently.

        • Well good! Wouldn’t want to be responsible for you losing sleep! Lol. But yeah isn’t it great? I think a lot of the recent horrors could learn something from this…

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