Monster (and various other horror shorts)

So a long while back I shared a horror short entitled “Lights Out,” which is arguably one of the creepiest horror shorts of all time, but I thought it was so cool and well done that I’d been meaning to go out and hunt down some more horror shorts for a really long time. Thanks to Miss Jennifer Kent and her delightfully creepy Mister Babadook, I found another horror short that inspired me to begin the hunt.

You see, it turns out that Kent’s film, The Babadook–one of the best horror films of the last year, in case you haven’t heard me gush about it enough–was inspired by a short she made 10 years ago called “Monster.” If you enjoyed The Babadook, I can’t recommend watching “Monster” enough. It’s easy to see the inspiration for the feature-length film in it, and, in its own way, it’s just as creepy.


I did some digging around the interwebz and I found a few other horror shorts that might be worth your attention:

“Lot 254”

Directed by Toby Meakins and presented by Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, “Lot 254” may rely a bit too heavily on jump scares (you’ve been warned), but it builds suspense pretty nicely as the collector inspects his new camera and begins to realize that something is a bit off about it.


UGH THAT FACE. Okay, so “Bedfellows,” directed by Drew Daywalt and presented by Fewdio Entertainment, is probably a pretty predictable little story, but it will burn an image in your brain that is damn near impossible to forget. I don’t recommend watching this before bedtime.

“2AM: The Smiling Man”

Some people might find this one really silly…but it creeped me out. Just the way this guy moves…ugh. Anyway, this little film directed by Michael Evans and presented by Go For Broke Pictures is actually inspired by a true story told on reddit, which I believe adds to the creepiness of it. However, if this (or any of these, really) creeps you out too much, one commenter suggested turning the volume down and listening to “Uptown Funk” while watching this. Haven’t tried that yet, but it sounds like a hilarious idea.


Directed by Ben Tillett and Jake Cuddihy and presented by Bloody Cuts Films, “Suckablood” isn’t the scariest thing you’ll ever see, but the lovely atmosphere and the Dr. Seuss-esque rhyming really endeared it to me. Not to mention the pretty perfect ending. Watch for a bit of fun.

Hope you guys had fun with these! I’m going to track down more of these in the future. Oh, and if you just watched all of these before bed, sweet dreams…mwahahaha. 😉

18 thoughts on “Monster (and various other horror shorts)

  1. Very good, sweet trollop! I’m in the middle of something right now so I’ll come back later and give em a look.

    #itswatching Spring

    • Super belated response! Sorry about that! An 8-year-old who loves Lights Out?!?! Jesus. That would’ve made me lose my mind when I was 8!!! Bahaha.

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