Cara’s Top 10 TV Crushes

Hey, girl. I'm honored that you chose me as--wait. TV stars? ...Oh.

Hey, girl. I’m honored that you chose me as–wait. TV stars? …Oh.

Hi, friends! I’m about a million light-years behind all of the cool kids on writing up one of these, but I had nothing planned for today, so I thought, “Why not finally get around to writing a list of my TV crushes?” And now here we are! So without further ado, I give you the top ten television fellas that get my heart a-racin’.


Honorable Mention: Dr. Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)


Is it cheating to include an honorable mention? Aw screw it—it’s my list, and I’ll do what I want! I may have fallen a little out of love with Criminal Minds, but I still adore Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler). An FBI profiler with an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory, and an obnoxious number of PhDs, Reid is easily one of the brainiest guys on this list. In fact, his brains tend to get in the way, making him slightly socially awkward, but in the most adorable way. Sweet, nerdy, and smart? What’s not to love? (Well, some of his hairstyles, but we won’t get into that.)

Sometimes, Reid states the obvious.

Sometimes, Reid states the obvious.


10: Alcide Herveaux (True Blood)


I’ll be honest: True Blood‘s Alcide (Joe Manganiello) is on here almost entirely because of his ridiculous body. I mean…how? How is that possible? Whatever. He’s beautiful. But if we’re paying attention to more than that, Alcide is also a pretty good guy. He’s loyal, not afraid to stand up for what’s right, and willing to admit when he’s made mistakes. Oh, and he’s also a werewolf. Yeah, yeah, I know—we’re all soooo over werewolves and vampires. But Alcide isn’t a brooding teen wolf. He’s a full-grown wolfman. Drool.

At least he gives fair warning.

At least he gives fair warning.


9: Dean Winchester (Supernatural)


Oh, Dean (Jensen Ackles). A little immature? Yes. A little too obsessed with classic rock? Yes. A little too self-sacrificing when it comes to his brother? Lord, yes. A hunter of the supernatural, Dean is tough, clever, and brave, for starters, but he also has an excellent sense of humor—in fact, he’s probably the most lighthearted guy on this list. Oh, and did I mention that pretty face? He has a very pretty face. Personally (and I think most Supernatural fans would agree), I’ll take Dean over his whiny brother Sam any day.




8: Mitchell (BBC Being Human)


Have you guys seen the BBC version of Being Human? I feel like most people I’ve talked to have only seen the American version. The British version has its ups and downs, but, at the very least, one character is consistently smokin’: Mitchell (Aidan Turner). A charming though frequently moody vampire who dresses like a rock star, Mitchell is, perhaps, a bit of a cliché, but that hair! That face! That Irish accent! Add that to the fact that he has a sense of humor and is adorably protective of his supernatural roomies, and he’s damn near irresistible.

Mitchell apologizes for his attractiveness.

Mitchell apologizes for his attractiveness.


7: Merlin (Merlin)

merlin 1

Merlin is a show that I wish had lasted much longer because I adore the title character with all of my heart. Now this isn’t the white-bearded, pointy-hat-wearing wizard of legend, but a younger Merlin (Colin Morgan) who is just starting to learn the ways of magic. He’s not not the brightest guy at times, and those EARS…bless ‘im. They stick out about a mile from his face. But he is ridiculously sweet, brave, and loyal. Plus, OMIGOD THAT SMILE WILL MELT YOUR HEART. More than anyone else on this list, he’s the kind of guy you want to bring home to Mom and Dad.

Just. Precious.

Just. Precious.


6: Jon Snow (Game of Thrones)

jon snow

Prior to season four of Game of Thrones, I don’t think pretty, pretty Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) would’ve made it this high on the list. But he recently acquired something that increases his attractiveness: SASS. Don’t get me wrong—he’s always had a way into female fans’ hearts. It’s hard not to love the handsome, brooding bastard of Ned Stark. Wise, just, and brave, Jon is ironically the most Stark-y of the Stark children, though he often feels like an outcast (and is sometimes treated as such). But his new, take-charge attitude and lack of tolerance for B.S. make him better than ever. J’adore.

Jon Snow and his doggy friend, Ghost.

Jon Snow and his doggy friend, Ghost.


5: Eric Northman (True Blood)

eric northman

Oh, stop rolling your eyes at me. Yes, Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) is both the second True Blood character and the second vampire on this list. So sue me. He’s hot. Eric is definitely the bad boy of this list. A 1,000-and-something-year-old vampire and former Viking, the guy has a lot of blood on his hands. He can be cold, calculating, and vicious, but then he softens you up with moments of intense emotion, a capacity for deep affection and loyalty, and even some sly humor. He is who he is, and you either love him or hate him for it. I just so happen to love him.




4: Robb Stark (Game of Thrones)

robb stark

Sigh. Those Stark boys. Who would the lady GoT fans lust after without them? Yes, I’m also very much in love with Jon Snow’s half-brother, Robb (Richard Madden), who is actually quite similar to Jon personality-wise, as he’s honorable, brave, and just. The problem is Robb lacks some of Jon’s wisdom, which leads to…Oh. But I’d better not talk about that. (No spoilers!) However, Robb isn’t quite as brooding as Jon, which is half of the reason he’s higher up on this list. The other half of that is that I find him almost agonizingly attractive.

There's just something about a man holding puppies...

There’s just something about a man holding puppies…


3: The Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who)

tenth doctor

I must say, the Doctor simply does not look better than when the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) is toting around the keys to the TARDIS. Rocking a suit and tie, Converse shoes, and fabulously styled hair, the Tenth Doctor stole a lot of hearts during his run on Doctor Who—including this nerd’s. He has this wonderful, infectious energy, and it’s extremely difficult to resist loving him for it. However, as outgoing and outrageously fun as he can be, he’s also not afraid to get serious, and when he does…well, enemies beware. He’s fiercely protective of those he loves. He’s also a bit of a flirt, but given how awesome he is, I’m willing to overlook that.

Yes. Yes, you are.

Yes. Yes, you are.


2: Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)


Anyone who’s been following my blog for a while knows that I dearly love BBC’s Sherlock, so, naturally, Mr. Holmes himself (Benedict Cumberbatch) had to make an appearance on here. Irene Adler (Lara Pulver) says it best: “Brainy is the new sexy.” So, so true. Sherlock’s mind works in a way that no one else’s does, and it’s amazing. The best (and only) consulting detective around, he solves crimes with a level of cool most of us can only dream of attaining. Plus, the deep voice, the tousled hair, the sly humor, those cheekbones…it all adds up to near perfection. I say “near” because he’s not exactly the best people person, but the minute he turns up that coat collar and goes to work, that minor detail is all but forgotten.

Sigh. A girl can dream...

Sigh. A girl can dream…


1: Oliver Queen (Arrow)

oliver queen

Yep. The titular hero of Arrow is definitely my biggest TV crush. I think he has been since the moment I saw him working out with a salmon ladder (see below). Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is almost everything a girl could dream of. Rich? Yes. Rockin’ body? Yes. Beautiful face? Yes. Superhero? MY GOD YES. But, honestly, what wins me over when it comes to Oliver is his demeanor. Sure, he’s an intense, muscular, bow-and-arrow-wielding hero who saves thousands of people, like, everyday, but at his core he is pure-hearted, and he has boundless love and loyalty for those who mean the most to him. He can be scary, yet he can also be soft-spoken, sensitive, and wise beyond his years. Perfection. I am in love.




So judge away—these are the men I love. Ladies, I hope you enjoyed. Gentlemen, I apologize if you feel like you wasted your time on here today. For being good sports, here’s a little something:

Yep. Black Canary does the salmon ladder, too.

Yep. Black Canary does the salmon ladder, too.

56 thoughts on “Cara’s Top 10 TV Crushes

    • I knoooooow. I love him, really I do, but when it came down between him and Oliver Queen…I just couldn’t. Realistically, Sherlock would probably find me incredibly boring anyway. Hahaha.

  1. Nice list! I didn’t feel like I wasted my time at all; I can still recognize the beauty that is Oliver Queen. I’d throw in Raylan Givens from “Justified”, too, in terms of my man crushes. Might be back later with a list of my own for the other side. 🙂

    • I’ve not seen Justified! I’ve been told I need to watch though. And hey, I say go for that list of ladies! I’d be interested in seeing who the gentlemen pine for!

      • Okay! I’ll shoot you a link once it’s written up; right now, the list (tentatively) includes people like
        -Black Canary/Sara and Felicity from Arrow
        -Veronica Mars
        -Sarah Walker from Chuck
        -Alana Bloom from Hannibal
        -Root and Shaw from Person of Interest
        -Fiona Gallagher from Shameless
        -Amantha from Rectify
        -Buffy from Buffy
        -Jessica from True Blood
        -Olivia Dunham from Fringe
        -Kate from Lost
        -Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica
        -Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights (let’s thrown in an Eric Taylor, too).

        Wow, that got a bit long.

        Also, Anna Kendrick. I know she isn’t a TV star/character, but she always must be mentioned when I talk about crushes.

        • Hahaha nice! I’ve seen about half of these shows, and I can definitely agree that the ladies from the ones I’ve seen are pretty awesome. Sara and Felicity would undoubtedly make my lady crush list. 😉

  2. What an excellent selection. I went to a cafe the other week where one of the waiters was an exact double of Spender Reid when he had longer hair. My partner was like, “That guy looks like the nerd from Criminal Minds”, and I was like “Yeeeees!”.

  3. Great…now you have me thinking about my crushes and I’m probably gonna have to copy you and put a list on my blog…although I think we both know like half of my list will be the same as yours.

  4. Yay! Cara has finally done a TV crush list too! : ) I even had two of them as honorable mentions on mine, I think (David Tennant’s Doctor & Dean Winchester). Agree Arrow guy is really hot even though I couldn’t get into the show. Umm… I’ll never QUITE understand the attraction when it comes to Cumberbatch… Well, it’s 100% personality in his case, I guess. He plays some great characters. : )

    • Oh Stephen Amell is a god. Hahaha. Honestly when it comes to Cumberbatch, I think I’m attracted to his talent more than anything else. But I certainly don’t mind the rest of him. 😉

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  6. *giggles* Cara, I love you! I’m sitting here smiling at the computer screen at work all because of this. Nice way to have a break. Eric, Alcide, Sherlock, Spencer Reid..I love them all! I do love Supernatural and I’ve only seen one episode mostly because I’m too chicken to watch the rest of them but apparently I watched the creepiest episode as initiation. And well, I haven’t started Game of Thrones and Arrow but man, that guy is hot! I’m moving Arrow up on my to-watch list 🙂

    • Yaaayyy I made Kim smile during her break!!! Happy to hear it! 😀 Sounds like we BOTH have excellent taste in men! I’m not sure if GoT would be your thing or not, but Arrow…I mean, regardless of whether or not you like the actual plot, Oliver Queen is SO PRETTY. So I’d say it’s worth a shot. 😉

      • You know, come to think of it. I have no idea why I stopped watching Being Human BBC version somewhere in the middle of Season 2. I really should finish it 😉
        Although, my list would include Damon from Vampire Diaries…love him so much! 🙂
        Regardless, I just bought the GoT books so I’m going to give the series a shot also.

        • Well, keep going with Being Human…but prepare yourself for big changes. Lol. I’ve never seen Vampire Diaries. I’m a little hesitant when it comes to that. Can’t wait to hear what you think of GoT!!! I’m actually about to start the first book, but I’ve kept up with the show. It’s awesome, but very, very intense…

    • Haha I knooooow! I’ve let the whole fandom down! Honestly, I think after this season of Arrow Mr. Queen might’ve been knocked down a peg. He’s damn pretty, but sometimes you just want to shake him and ask, “Why are you doing what you’re doing?!”

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