The Begorrathon 2015: Grabbers

grabbers 2

Alright, so before the month is over, I wanted to sneak in one last review for The Begorrathon, which I’m sure many of you have become familiar with throughout this month. But on the off chance that you don’t know what I’m talking about, The Begorrathon is a blogathon that was been going on all this month. Continue reading

Duets: Cinderella and It Follows

it follows

Remember when I was all “I’m going to be back to my regular review format soon” on my last Duet post? Heh. So much for that, huh? I just saw these two so close together that a Duet review is a little easier on me. Although both of them are worthy of lengthier reviews, and I wish I had the time for them. Continue reading

An April Fools Reminder

Poor guy thought all five movies were an elaborate April Fools hoax...

Poor guy thought all five movies were an elaborate April Fools hoax…

Hello, hello, lovely people! Remember when I tossed up this post a while back asking if anyone would like to participate in an April blog series about big twists in film and television? Well, I just wanted to post a little reminder in case any of you had forgotten about it. Because April 1 is a week from today! Gees, where is this year going?! Continue reading

Duets: Snowpiercer and The Guest

the guest

The Duet review strikes again! I’ve been doing a lot of these lately, haven’t I? I promise I’ll be back to my more traditional, thorough review format very soon—saw a new movie that I’m itching to talk about—but for now I’ll discuss a couple of fairly new releases. One of these I really dug, and the other was a smidge disappointing. Continue reading