An Important Update (and some mini reviews)

My face upon realizing how ridiculously long I have been gone.

My face upon realizing how ridiculously long I have been gone.

Hi, guys. So, first of all, I would like to apologize profusely for disappearing for…let’s see…yikes–nearly three months. It was pretty uncool of me to drop off for so long without any warning. That said…I’m probably about to disappear again. And this time, it could be longer. :/

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been struggling hardcore to make time for WordPress. Well, if I’m being honest, not only to make time, but to drum up enough enthusiasm and energy for it. When I started this blog, I was working a part-time job and living with my parents. Now I work full-time and have my own place to take care of, not to mention an active social life and a recently-acquired, regular freelance gig. I stay busy, and when it’s all said and done, I like to have some time to unwind at the end of the day. This blog was kind of stealing that time away from me. I always told myself that as long as Silver Screen Serenade was more love than labor, I would keep it going. Well, unfortunately, the labor began to outweigh the love, so I just kind of let things slide for a while and told myself I would come back full force after a nice break. But I just don’t see “full force” being a thing any time soon–if ever.

However, I do still want to keep the blog going if I can. It certainly won’t be regular posts like before, but if I can pop up every month or so with a little something, I’ll consider it a win. Because even if it’s more labor than love right now, I do still have a deep love for this place–for both the outlet of blogging itself and for the many new bloggy friends I’ve made along the way. But before I drop off, I would like to pause and do some little lightning reviews for all the movies I’ve seen in the time that I’ve been gone. So let’s do this!

#1: Sisters


In a Flash: Wow! I really hadn’t gotten around to this? This was forever ago! Really, you can never go wrong with a Fey-Poehler pairing, and it’s nice to see them switching up from Baby Mama and letting Fey be the wild child. Also, though Bobby Moynihan is annoying as hell in the beginning of the movie, just wait. You will come to love him.

My Grade: B+

#2: The Hateful Eight

hateful eight

In a Flash: Well it’s a Tarantino movie, so expect lots of blood and expletives. The western vibe is kind of cool and different, and the movie as a whole is pretty good, though it’s also one that I’d say I’d be fine never seeing again. I will say that it’s all worth it for one brutal, twisted monologue from Samuel L. Jackson. How that man did not get a nomination for this movie is beyond me.

My Grade: B

#3: The Forest

the forest

In a Flash: Just…just don’t with this one, you guys. Just don’t. I wanted to like it for Natalie Dormer and for the idea of the forest itself, but nope. It’s pretty bad. Like, the scares aren’t scary, it’s predictable, the effects are pretty awful, the story is weak…I could go on, but instead I’ll simply reiterate: don’t.

My Grade: D

#4: Deadpool

deadpool poster

In a Flash: In case you haven’t already heard, this movie is everything we all hoped it would be and more. Reynolds is hilarious as the titular obnoxious, fourth-wall-bending anti-hero. The script is on point. There’s plenty of action. Guys, it’s just really, really good. And, for better or worse, you will never look at a stuffed unicorn the same way again. If you’re looking for some intense laughs, just do yourself a favor and see it.

My Grade: A

#5: 10 Cloverfield Lane

10 cloverfield lane

In a Flash: This one was kind of a mystery to me, but it was getting so much positive feedback that I had to check it out. It was definitely worth it. Honestly, it’s more of a tense, well-paced thriller than a sci-fi flick, though there are still enough sci-fi elements (particularly toward the end) that I think any fan of the genre would be satisfied. I found the ending a bit rushed and kind of bizarre, but as a whole I really enjoyed it. And John Goodman is creepy as all get-out. Warning though: if you’re looking for a sequel to Cloverfield, this really isn’t it. I’m wondering if they’re setting up the Cloverfield name as more of an anthology type thing…but I guess we’ll see.

My Grade: B+

#6: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

batman v superman

In a Flash: You know, for as skeptical as I was about this one…it wasn’t bad. I mean, it could’ve been better, but there were actually some really clever elements to the film. Granted, there were some downsides, too–mostly some confusing, poorly explained scenes and Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor–but as a whole I liked this one much more than not. Affleck works for me as an older, grumpier Bruce Wayne/Batman, and Gadot totally owns Wonder Woman, which made me very excited for her solo film. DC still has some work to do before they’re up to Marvel’s level, but this gave me hope that they might get there.

My Grade: B-

#7: The Jungle Book

jungle book

In a Flash: Honestly, I think this is my favorite live-action Disney remake yet. Which is funny because I’ve never had much interest in the animated film. But this film did a lot of things right. The setting is beautiful, the animals are impressive and voiced pretty perfectly for the most part (hearing Bill Murray sing “The Bare Necessities” is definitely a highlight), and Neel Sethi as Mowgli is pretty precious. Two qualms: 1) I love ScarJo, but she seems an odd fit for villainous snake Kaa. 2) I like Christopher Walken as King Louie, but there are moments when he is downright terrifying. Like, to the degree that I was like, “Wait, what is this rated?!” Still, overall a great film.

My Grade: A-

#8: Keanu


In a Flash: If you’re a fan of the glorious comedic duo Key & Peele, there’s no question that you will enjoy this movie. Hell, if you’re a fan a cute cats you will probably enjoy this movie. Plenty of laughs to be had throughout, mostly due to the absolutely ridiculous situations that the aforementioned duo are thrust into. Also because of George Michaels. Yes, George Michaels. Confused? Curious? You should probably just go see it.

My Grade: B+

#9: Captain America: Civil War

captain america civil war

In a Flash: Along with Deadpool, this one has my top spot for 2016 thus far. Feeling more like an Avengers movie than a Captain America one, Civil War has a solid story that causes a rift in a way that completely makes sense and smoothly introduces pivotal new characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Those new characters are, for those of you who didn’t already know, Black Panther and Spider-Man, and you will like them a lot. Particularly Spider-Man, who is being played by an actual teenage actor for the first time, and he is adorable. Though it kind of hurts to watch your favorite characters fighting, Civil War is a great addition to Marvel’s ever-growing movie world. Can’t wait to see what Doctor Strange brings come November!

My Grade: A

Phew! Okay, not my greatest reviews by a long shot, but I’m glad I got those out of my system. They’ve been building up for a while. Haha.

So, like I said, I’ll be disappearing, and I’m not sure for exactly how long, but in the meantime, please remember that you can always reach me via email ( or Twitter (@caragale123). In fact, I strongly encourage you to send a message my way because otherwise I will miss you guys too much!

Any ol’ who, I’m signing off for now. I’ll just keep doing what I and probably many of fellow bloggers have been doing for a while now: crossing my fingers that I win the lottery and can become a full-time blogger. While I’m at it, I’ll cross my fingers for all of you, too! 😉

42 thoughts on “An Important Update (and some mini reviews)

  1. Nice to hear from you again! Although I’ll miss your posts, I totally get how time consuming blogging as a hobby can be. Sometimes life takes us in new directions, and we have to move on to something new. Hope you still post occasionally, and best wishes wherever life takes you! 🙂

    • Aww thanks, lady! Very well said. Life definitely keeps me busy, but I’m going to try my very best to stick around. I like it here too much to let it go!

  2. glad to see ur alive and kicking. really miss seeing u around Cara, but I understand the whole life thing…

    keep stoppin by every so often so we know ur doing well.

    great reviews. Saw Civil war yesterday and really enjoyed it. Hope to manage to see jungle book and dawn of justice within the next week also!

  3. Aww, Cara! 😦 I’ll miss your posts BUT I’d far rather know that my fellow blog buddies are having a great time in real life instead of on here. That makes me happier. However, if you do a little post of mini-reviews like this one once a month, I’ll be happy with that too! 😉 I also have to do similar soon as my work situation is changing & I’ll be too busy for posting but I plan to do little mini-reviews like this at the very least. I have a strict “only do the blog when it doesn’t feel like work” policy now. It’s meant to be fun, not to get in the way of life.
    I KNEW you’d love Civil War & Deadpool! I really liked both too. 10 Cloverfield Lane was good but odd & I’m still not sure how I feel about it. But, yes – they’re setting up the name to be used as an anthology type thing where they do different strange stories, like how they did with The Twilight Zone. THAT excites me (I loved that show so much). The Jungle Book is the only other one I’ve seen of these. It looked fantastic! But I love the animated film so was a little disappointed plus I found the voices very distracting. I’ll shut up now – you’re trying to spend LESS time on here, not read a novel from me! Lol. (I get excited talking about movies). 😉

    • Aww Mutant. I’ve missed your big long comments!! Hahaha. The real world is all well and good, but there are definitely days I would rather live on here. Lol. But I’ll stick around as much as I can! Pinky swear! I’m sorry to hear that work is going to be keeping you busier, too…unless it’s a promotion and extra $$$, in which case, good for you!! Haha. I figured we’d be on the same page with Civil War and Deadpool. SO good. I’m itching to get the Deadpool DVD and I think I’m going to see Civil War again this weekend…lol. That’s kind of cool with Cloverfield–the whole anthology thing. I’m a big Twilight Zone fan, too, so if they can be like a 21st century version of that, that’d be AWESOME. Yeah I agree that some of the voices were kinda weird for the animals–particularly ScarJo. I’m interested in seeing how the other Jungle Book movie turns out. That one has a stacked cast, too! Girl, I am always up for movie talk with you! 😀

  4. Nice to hear from you! Blog world is not the same without ya 😀. But seriously I know how you feel. I too work full time and trying to stay current to write reviews is hard. But the key is not to put too much pressure on yourself. There’s only so much you can do and that way you’ll find the motivation to write again. Don’t stay away too long 😀

  5. Awwwwww, we will miss you (as we already have been), but if you pop in once in a while, that would be great. This is a lovely little feature for that, had a blast reading it! Life is important, and sometimes blogging can be a real drag, and when it is a chore, you know you need to take a step back. I am stoked to hear that everything is going so well for you lady!

    • I did hear something about him not actually being the original Lex Luthor–apparently he was Lex Jr.? I don’t know. Either way, he isn’t great in the movie. Haha.

  6. Nice to see you back albeit briefly. I am starting to slow down my posts as well now since I only have about a month before I have my baby. It can feel a lot like a second job sometimes!

  7. Good to hear you’re still out there Cara, I get what you say about making time for wordpress. It’s hard, I have the same trouble myself but try to keep it going as much as possible!

  8. Don’t worry about us readers … any of us worth our salt just wants to know you’re doing okay. I pretty much quit the movie blogging myself at the beginning of this year because it was ruining movies for me. Rather than just watch a movie, I’d constantly think how I’d like to write the review. I didn’t really have regular readers anyway so it was definitely pointless! 🙂

  9. This makes me feel sad 😢 I don’t want you to go. You’re in the big leagues now but don’t forget us little people! What’s your freelance thing by the way? I hope you rediscover some of that love for your blog you had. Anyway I’ll be in touch on twitter I expect. 😭

    • Aw don’t be sad! I’m still here! And, uh, definitely not the big leagues. Haha. But I’m a freelance editor for my sister’s workplace, which deals with theatrical scripts. It’s a pretty solid gig! And yes, Mike–you can always find me on Twitter and you have my email address. 🙂

  10. Cara! I just came to check out your site to see what was new because I hadn’t seen much from you for a while. I only just saw this now! It’s sad that you won’t be around much, but I do hope everything is going well for you. 🙂

  11. I get you completely. It’s not easy staying engaged with blogging without having an occasional hiatus. I do that too and I’m so glad I’m not the only one 😉 Great recap and mini-reviews. Loved The Hateful Eight and dying to see Dead Pool!

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