Spook Series 2015: A Ranking

Brace yourselves--Halloween is coming.

Brace yourselves–Halloween is coming.

Well, kids, tomorrow is officially HALLOWEEN!!! And, yes, I may have reviewed my last film for Spook Series yesterday, but, as I did last year, I thought it would be fun to line up all the films below and see which ones were winners, losers, and…erm…inbetweeners? Continue reading

Spook Series 2015: A Sinister Single (#12)

audition 2.5

It’s Halloween week, y’all! Can you believe it? That’s a little nuts to me…But, here we are, nonetheless. Unfortunately, this marks the end of something that always keeps me busy this month: my Spook Series. It’s been a fun run, but it’s time to call it quits. However, not before we get in one last spook! Continue reading

Spook Series 2014: A Ranking

halloween dogs


Greetings and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! While I’ve finished reviewing scary movies for this month (and you can find all of those reviews here), I thought it would be nice to do something I did last year–a sort of roundup post, I guess. Last year, I called it a “Master List” (which I reblogged earlier, if you care to have a looksee), but this year, since my reviews are a mere fraction of what they were last year, I decided to rank the films I watched from my lowest grades to the best of the best. Continue reading

Spook Series 2014: A Fearsome Foursome (#15-18)

spook series 4.5

Say it ain’t so! Is this really my LAST batch of horror films for this year’s Spook Series? How did this month go by so fast?! Well, I’ve had an absolute blast watching all this stuff—even if I did only get through a fraction of the films I’d hoped to watch. I know 18 isn’t anything to be ashamed of, but last year I did 79, dammit! Clearly, my ambition has diminished since last year. Haha. But enough with my woes. Continue reading

Spook Series 2014: A Fearsome Foursome (#11-14)

spook series 3.5

Oh yeah—it’s time for some more spooks. So far, I’ve covered the top ten films that you, my lovely readers, chose from this poll. If you missed those write-ups, you can find all of them in the Spook Series Archives, along with several write-ups from last year (which I have been reblogging like a lazy fiend, so you can also find it if you just scroll down through my homepage). What new terrors await in this post? Read on, brave souls… Continue reading