Spook Series is plotting its return…

spook series 2015 2

Maybe it’s getting too much of a head start to be thinking about October already, but GUYS! Halloween is a little over two months away, and I’m already in the mood for some SCARY STUFF! So I’m looking to the future and plotting another revival of Spook Series, my annual scary movie blogathon. As I did last year, I’d like to ask you, my lovely readers, for a bit of assistance, if you can spare a couple of minutes. See, I have a big ol’ honkin’ list of movies that I want to review–some that I thought up myself, some that you guys have recommended on my/your blogs. But there is absolutely no way that I am getting to all of these movies this year. That’s where you come in!

Below you will find not just one, but two polls. I’m doing things a little differently this time around. The first list of movies is a group that I have free access to via Netflix, my local library, YouTube, etc. You may choose up to 10 of these, and I will review them in order of most to least votes. You may also recommend a film (or multiple films) by choosing “Other” and making your recommendation(s) in the comment box or the comments below the post. But I will say this: before you recommend something, you might want to type it into the search bar because I have reviewed a looooot of scary movies. Spook Series has garnered 97 mini reviews in its two-year existence, and that’s not including the horrors I’ve reviewed outside the realm of this blogathon.

As for that second poll, that’s a list of movies that are going to be a little more difficult for me to track down. That is, I’d probably have to pay for them, and well…I’m cheap. Haha. I’m still willing to do these, but I probably won’t do nearly as many. You may choose up to 4 of these.

Get it? Got it? Good! Help a sista out, my beloveds! And thank you in advance for your votes! ❤


And the second one…



30 thoughts on “Spook Series is plotting its return…

  1. I cannot recommend Burning Bright enough. Fantastic movie and that’s not just because I am crazy about Briana Evigan. I thought I saw it poking around on Netflix once. Might be UK, but it might be worth pumping it into the search bar to make sure.

  2. Ooooooh ABSENTIA!!!!!!!!! I don’t even care if it gets enough votes lol, JUST WATCH IT!!!! It’s a freaking great movie.

    My votes have been cast. I loved some of your free picks, too. We Are What We Are is a really good one that I thoroughly enjoyed, Tucker and Dale surprised the hell out of me, American Mary was stunning and those Soska’s owned that movie and Trick ‘r Treat is an October favourite of mine, can’t wait to watch it again this year. Also, The Cottage because Andy Serkis. I know that you can understand that.

    Okay, I will stop there. Can’t wait for your spook series, it is always so much fun!

    • I’ll see what I can do about Absentia! Right now it’s being beaten by a few others, but I know you and a few others have praised it quite a bit, so, yeah, I might have to give it a whirl anyway. 🙂 American Mary and The Cottage are on there because of you, I believe! I distinctly remember reading your reviews and thinking, “Zoe says these are good. I should add them to my list!” If I get to those, I’ll be sure to give you a shoutout. Thanks for voting, lady!

    • I’ve actually seen The Mist and didn’t enjoy it that much. I’m giving it a second shot for this. Maybe I’ll see if I like it better in black and white. Thanks for the tip!

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