Spook Series 2014 Needs Your Help!

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I realize it’s only late August, leaving us more than a month before Halloween season kicks off, but I’m looking to the future because I LOVE watching scary movies, and I want to put out lots of reviews during the month of October. So here’s what you can do for me: Help me decide what gets priority.

I have a big ol’ list of movies, but I may not have time to get to them all. On the poll below, pick up to TEN movies that you think I should definitely include for this Spook Series, and if you have any recommendations that aren’t on this list, bring ’em on! Just pick “Other” and tell me what I should watch the comments. However, I did cover a good number of Halloween movies last year (79 movies, to be exact), so before you suggest something (especially something pretty well-known), feel free to use the search bar at the top right of the page or have a look at the Spook Series Archives to see if I’ve already discussed it.

So vote, my amigos! Tell your friends to vote! Tell your friends to tell their friends to vote! Well, you don’t have to do that last bit. But I would appreciate lots of opinions. With your help, I shall have the best Halloween movie marathon EVAH! 🙂

Thanks for voting! I ❤ you mucho!

28 thoughts on “Spook Series 2014 Needs Your Help!

    • I will add those three to the list! If I don’t get to them in this batch, I’m sure I’ll get to them eventually. Thanks, Thomas! As for Henry…should I be worried? Lol.

  1. CARA!!!! I don’t have time to catch up fully on your blog quite yet but I saw this poll and just HAD to vote. I love polls!!!!!! Lol. (I chose all the old ones) : ) I did The Innkeepers & Grabbers last Halloween & really liked both, especially Grabbers. I hope you at least watch that one. DO IT! Can’t wait. I love October… : )

    • Yaaaayyyy I’m so glad you saw this because I wanted your opinions! I hope I can find time for allll of these…but we’ll see. Don’t wanna bite off more than I can chew. Hahaha.

  2. I voted for nine good ones, and also included The Pact, because it is so bad, I think a review would be quite amusing. Please go for Burning Bright, as that is an incredible film I stumbled across a month ago. I want to hear your opinion on it. As for my ‘other’, it would have to be ‘Friday the 13th’. Classic!

    • Oh is The Pact bad? I thought it looked kind of interesting so I thought why not…we’ll see how many votes it gets. Haha. Yeah I put Burning Bright on there because of your review actually! As for Friday the 13th, I actually saw it and didn’t dig it so much. I might try to give it another go. Thanks, dude!

  3. Voted. I am a huge fan of Trick ‘R Treat, and I must say that I was duly impressed with The Tunnel, not bad at all.

    Absentia? Have you seen that? Because WOW.

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