Supernatural: two bros against the world


More Grown-Up Fantasy TV! This time I’m putting the CW’s Supernatural under the microscope. Fair warning: I haven’t watched this show the way I’ve watched my other shows. As much as I’d love to, I simply don’t have time to settle in and watch all eight seasons in a row. However, I catch it on TV quite a lot Continue reading

Premiere Particulars: Sleepy Hollow


I’ve decided to begin a new blog series! I’m calling this batch “Premiere Particulars.” Whenever I happen to catch a premiere of a new or returning TV show, I’ll do a concise review of the episode—basically just highlighting what I liked and didn’t like, then wrapping things up with a brief summary and a grade. So, without further ado Continue reading

You’re Next: a fox, a tiger, and a lamb break into a house…everybody dies


The subtitle needs a better punchline, doesn’t it? Too bad I’ve never been very good at jokes. Although it’s not supposed to be funny. Well…it’s kind of supposed to be funny. You’re Next is something of a dark comedy, so it’s only appropriate to handle this review with some levity. And although not everybody dies, fair warning: a lot of freaking people die. Continue reading