Marvel as Dogs

marvel dogs 3

The Pugnisher pugnishes all who deserve it.

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY TO ALL!!! So I wanted to try to do something a little more substantial today, but…well, so much for that. Haha. However, I will have a TON of TV premiere posts soon! For now though, I’ve got something completely silly, but also completely awesome: Marvel characters re-imagined as doggies. Complete credit for these brilliant pics goes to Minnesota artist Josh Lynch, whose work can be found here and here. But just to go through a sampling, we have…

Captain Pugmerica and Red CatSkull

marvel dogs 4

Dogtor Strange

marvel dogs 5

Mr. Dogtastic

marvel dogs 6

Doctor Pugtopus

marvel dogs 7


marvel 8

Iron Dog

marvel 9


marvel dogs 8


marvel dogs 9

Thor, Dog of Thunder

marvel dogs 10


marvel dogs 11

Anyway, I just got a few chuckles out of these and I thought you might, too. Have an excellent weekend, everyone! 😀

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