Marvel as Dogs

marvel dogs 3

The Pugnisher pugnishes all who deserve it.

Hello and HAPPY FRIDAY TO ALL!!! So I wanted to try to do something a little more substantial today, but…well, so much for that. Haha. However, I will have a TON of TV premiere posts soon! For now though, I’ve got something completely silly, but also completely awesome: Marvel characters re-imagined as doggies. Continue reading

An Epic Compilation of “NOOOO”

This was something I meant to post the very first week of NOOOOvember, but, scatterbrain that I am, I completely forgot. Just for funsies, I thought it would be delightful to share one of the most epic compilations of “NOOOO” that you have ever seen. You’ll recognize a million familiar movie and TV moments in this. It’s pretty glorious. Continue reading

The Queen’s Guard Plays the GoT Theme

Hi, guys! Bad news–still no last Blogiversary Bash write-up. I promise, I’m not trying to drag this out. Lol. Fingers crossed, it’ll be all ready tomorrow. In the meantime, I found an epic, epic video for my Game of Thrones¬†fans. I’ve already played a¬†version of the GoT theme completely dedicated to Peter Dinklage, but have you guys heard this version of the Queen’s Guard playing the theme? Seriously, I get chills.