So remember when I was all “I’m gonna close out my Blogiversary Bash tomorrow”  in yesterday’s post? Yeahhhh about that…See, I spent last night preparing for an important test for work, and I wasn’t really feeling like putting together a somewhat lengthy post in the midst of my studying. So we’ll officially wrap things up early next week–pinky promise. 😉 However, I didn’t want to leave you completely hanging today, and, lucky for me, a new trailer for James Bond’s next big adventure made its way to the interwebz! I don’t know about you guys, but I am all kinds of excited for Spectre, and I think this trailer looks fantastic. Give it a watch, lemme know what you think, and have an excellent weekend! 😀

19 thoughts on “SPECTRE!!!

  1. Such an amazing trailer! I feel like using the image of Fry from Futurama where he’s saying “Just shut up and take my money”! I especially loved the subtle use of the musical score from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Plus Christoph Waltz, sooooo good. Pretty darn excited.

  2. I liked the nice callback to the classic theme; very excited tat Thomas Newman is doing the music for this. It all looks good to me. i’m pretty sure that Christoph Waltz’s character is actually Blofeld, only for some reason they’re not calling him that. Cool-looking car; great-looking car chase. And setting much of it in the Alps feels like classic Bond to me. But the most exciting thing, as I mentioned in my own piece on the trailer the other day (cough, cough), is that Monica Bellucci is actuallu OLDER than Daniel Craig, making her the first Bond girl (Bond woman!) in years who is actually close in age to 007.

  3. I have been salivating over the Bond trailers, anything we have. I absolutely, positively cannot wait for Bond. Goosebumps every single time I see anything on it. And Christoph Waltz ❤

    Craig is my favourite Bond. Ahhhh. Sad we have to wait almost three weeks for it to get here when it comes 😦 Internet ban for me again.

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