Blogiversary Bash: A Quote Tribute to The Princess Bride

princess bride

So if Blogiversary Bash is all about celebrating our favorite things in film/television, how could I not post something about The Princess Bride? This movie literally has something for everyone–action, adventure, young Cary Elwes, hilarity, good performances, young Cary Elwes, good dialogue, pirates, young Cary Elwes, a giant, a love story…Did I mention young Cary Elwes? I am thoroughly convinced this is the perfect movie. Or at least I was convinced until a coworker informed me that she actually hates it…What’s up with that?! I hope you guys don’t hate Princess Bride because you’re about to get quote smacked with it. Rather than a review, I wanted to share a few of the many iconic quotes in this much-loved film.


#1: Any time Westley says this:

princess bride 1



#2: The rhyming game:


#3: Vizzini’s abuse of this word:

 princess bride 14


#4: When this gentlemanly sass happens:

princess bride 3 princess 4


#5: Fezzik disapproving of “his way:”

Vizzini: Finish him. Finish him, your way.
Fezzik: Oh good, my way. Thank you Vizzini…what’s my way?
Vizzini: Pick up one of those rocks, get behind a boulder, in a few minutes the man in black will come running around the bend, the minute his head is in view, hit it with the rock.

princess bride 4


#6: Westley’s good wishes for Fezzik:

princess bride 5


#7: All of this exchange, of course:


#8: And when Westley meets the Albino:


#9: This sound bit of advice to the prince:

Prince Humperdinck: Tyrone, you know how much I love watching you work, but I’ve got my country’s 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder and Guilder to frame for it; I’m swamped.

princess bride 6


#10: When this nightmare lady blasts Buttercup:


#11: When Miracle Max says this (totally ad-libbed by Billy Crystal):

Miracle Max: Sonny, true love is the greatest thing in the world–except for…

princess bride 7


#12: This cheerful send-off:

princess bride 8


#13: Best. Clergyman. Ever:


#14: Westley’s epic “To the Pain” speech:


#15: This final quote, which is beyond adorable:

The Grandson: Grandpa, maybe you could come over and read it again to me tomorrow.




#16: And, of course, the undisputed king of Princess Bride quotes:

princess bride 11

princess bride 10

princess bride 13.5

princess bride 12

Watch that scene in all it’s glory here:

There are so many other things from this movie that deserve a mention, but I’ll restrict myself to these. Do you guys love The Princess Bride, too? What are your favorite quotes/moments? Tell me all about it! Anyway, so that’s the first movie I wanted to celebrate. Next up: you guys! Something very, very special coming your way tomorrow…Stay tuned. 🙂

49 thoughts on “Blogiversary Bash: A Quote Tribute to The Princess Bride

  1. This was actually the flick I was going to do for Blogiversary Bash. Oh. And each and every one of these quotes is totally fantastic.

    I’ll find something else now. 🙂

  2. I’ve never seen this (sorry!) but I know the tall guy with curly hair as Andre The Giant! Us wrestling fans go a little mental when we see one of our own doing anything else other than wrestling, haha. I’ll need to check the film out!


  3. The Princess Bride is too much awesomeness. In fact, I’m almost disappointed with myself for featuring this movie already on my Throwback Thursday segment, cuz I so want to review this film again and again!!! Great stuff Cara. 😀

  4. Reblogged this on Silver Screen Serenade and commented:

    My Blogiversary Bash kicks off next week! Still trying to come up with a fun idea? Well, I started things off with a quote tribute to The Princess Bride, and it’s probably one of my favorite little write-ups to date. You can do a quote tribute, too! Check it out:

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