Blogiversary Bash: Oracle of Film

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this my whole life!!! After dropping hints here and there and even releasing a brief teaser trailer, the ridiculously cool Mr. Luke Abbott of Oracle of Film has released his video for the Blogiversary Bash!!! It is a glorious little tribute to TV. Thank you so much, Luke. You’re the best!!! 😀 Before watching, here’s a message from the filmmaker himself:

Well, you’ve waited long enough guys! Here it is: my video for the Cara Schuster Blogathon. First, a few apologies. One: the bad accents. Two: you need to watch a lot of TV to get every reference. Three: the bad accents. However, if you are crazy enough to like this video, there will be another one on Wednesday, instead of a B-Movie review. I don’t have it in me to watch enough crappy film this week haha. Well, happy anniversary to the wonderful Cara Schuster and enjoy.

Warmest Regards,

24 thoughts on “Blogiversary Bash: Oracle of Film

  1. I was always told there would be no FILTH on Silver Screen Serenade…

    Let the bodies hit the floor, indeed!

    Nice post-credits addition 🙂

  2. Oh very well done, worth the wait. 😀

    Huge fan of the Abbott shirt, the socks, the flip phone, and a ridiculously small Hodor! Among other things, that is.

  3. Reblogged this on Silver Screen Serenade and commented:

    Still looking for Blogiversary Bash ideas, but not sure what to do? Well, it might be some work, but you can always go the video route. The fantastic Mr. Luke Abbott of Oracle of Film pulled together an absolutely glorious one last year. In honor of his greatness and the nearness of the second annual Blogiversary Bash, I present once again his video.

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