April Fools 2015: Where the Wild Things Are

Norman Bates offers up a spoiler alert?

Norman Bates offers up a spoiler alert?

Howdy, everybody! Having a good week? A bad one? A…meh one? Well, regardless of how things are going, I’ve got a little something that you’re bound to enjoy: another April Fools guest! See, I’m pretty confident that you’ll enjoy this because today’s guest is the fabulous Miss Abbi of Where the Wild Things Are! Continue reading

Resolutions 2015: Cinema Paradiso

Toto's first sight of bewbs was one he'd never forget.

Toto’s first sight of bewbs was one he’d never forget.

Let’s start off the week with another lovely guest review for Resolutions, shall we? Today’s write-up is coming your way from reigning Shitfest champ the awesome Miss Abbi of Where the Wild Things Are! I’m sure you guys have been by Abbi’s site before, which is an awesome mix of movie reviews, recipes, fashion pics, the best top 10 lists you’ll find on the interwebz, and so much more Continue reading

Blogiversary Bash: Where the Wild Things Are

party hedgehog

Party Hedgehog is SO ready to party.

Time for more celebrating! I tell you what, Blogiversary Bash has been amazing so far, and this post is absolutely no exception! I’m thrilled that Abbi from Where the Wild Things Are is here to party today. Have you been to her site? Probably, but just in case you didn’t know, Abbi has a little bit of everything: movie reviews, top ten lists, throwback pics, recipes, cute outfits, etc. Seriously, this girl has something for everyone, so go have a peek at her site! Continue reading

April Fools 2014: Where the Wild Things Are

where the wild things are

How about a brand-spankin’ new list of lovable idiots for your Saturday enjoyment? The lovely Abbi from Where the Wild Things Are is here to share just such a list with us! Abbi has a wonderful blog that dabbles in all kinds of things–movie reviews, throwback pictures, recipes, fashion, top ten lists…it’s all great fun, so follow her! Anywho, here’s her list of April Fools! Continue reading