Blogiversary Bash: Oracle of Film

Still looking for Blogiversary Bash ideas, but not sure what to do? Well, it might be some work, but you can always go the video route. The fantastic Mr. Luke Abbott of Oracle of Film pulled together an absolutely glorious one last year. In honor of his greatness and the nearness of the second annual Blogiversary Bash, I present once again his video.

Silver Screen Serenade

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this my whole life!!! After dropping hints here and there and even releasing a brief teaser trailer, the ridiculously cool Mr. Luke Abbott of Oracle of Film has released his video for the Blogiversary Bash!!! It is a glorious little tribute to TV. Thank you so much, Luke. You’re the best!!! 😀 Before watching, here’s a message from the filmmaker himself:

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If Disney Princes Were Real

Yes, I have unearthed yet another video. Hope you guys aren’t getting too tired of these–they’re just so fun and easy to post that I can’t resist! Anyway, today’s selection is comin’ atcha from the brilliant, hilarious folks at Buzzfeed, and it’s all about Disney princes. Specifically, it’s about dating Disney princes. Let’s just say they might not be so charming in real life.

Wheel of Musical Impressions with Adam Levine

Okay, so maybe Adam Levine isn’t primarily known a TV or movie star, but c’mon…it’s Adam Levine. And this IS from the ever delightful Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, so it isn’t entirely irrelevant. 😉 In this lovely clip, Adam and Jimmy play a pretty awesome game that I would love to see Jimmy play with some other singers. The name of the game is Wheel of Musical Impressions. Continue reading

Celebrities Offer Binge-watching Advice

Entertainment Weekly is at it again! After sharing a hilarious “PSA” from a few frustrated character actors (which you can view here), some awesome TV stars collaborated with EW to create a video celebrating the joys of binge-watching–and warning against the risks involved. Heed their advice, y’all. Enjoy. 🙂

The Queen’s Guard Plays the GoT Theme

Hi, guys! Bad news–still no last Blogiversary Bash write-up. I promise, I’m not trying to drag this out. Lol. Fingers crossed, it’ll be all ready tomorrow. In the meantime, I found an epic, epic video for my Game of Thrones fans. I’ve already played a version of the GoT theme completely dedicated to Peter Dinklage, but have you guys heard this version of the Queen’s Guard playing the theme? Seriously, I get chills.

After Ever After

Heyyyyy, guys. So, remember that final Blogiversary Bash post I promised you yesterday? Um. It’s not ready. Heh. Sorry about that. It may or may not be ready on Sunday either…we’ll see. I kind of got caught up in a True Detective marathon, which I really feel like any reasonably sane person can’t blame me for. Anyway, I didn’t want to leave you hanging, so I was roaming YouTube for random silliness I could put up and lo and behold–I rediscovered “After Ever After.” Continue reading

Doctor Who Teaser Trailer #2

Hiya, folks! I’d hoped to have a new write-up for you guys today, but since I didn’t quite get that written in time…How about a new teaser trailer for the upcoming season of Doctor Who?? Haha. A bit more revealed here. Clearly, the 12th (13th?) Doctor is going to be a very different fella from his previous incarnation. I get the impression that Peter Capaldi will be much more intense than Matt Smith–hopefully just as wonderful, too! Continue reading