12 Films of Christmas 2014 (#1-3)

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Twenty days until Christmas! Guess that means I should get going on these 12 Films of Christmas, huh? I did this last year and had a whole bunch of fun watching old holiday favorites and discovering some new ones, too. So what’s in this year’s holly jolly lineup? Fortunately, several of you lovely people helped me decide that with this poll. Continue reading

Song and Screen, Pt. 1

I typed in "dogs and guitars." This is one of the many wonderful things I found.

I typed in “dogs and guitars.” This is one of the many wonderful things I found.

Happy Friday, you lovely readers, you! I hope that your day has been splendid thus far and that your weekend promises to be equally awesome. No new reviews today, but an idea for a new feature post popped into my head recently, and I thought I’d give it a whirl because why not? Well, if I’m being honest, it occurred to me that though I’ve chosen the name “Silver Screen Serenade” for this blog, I really don’t discuss music very much. Hopefully, this feature can fix that. Continue reading