The Best Version of the Game of Thrones Main Theme You Will Ever Hear

Time for another lazy video post! However, it’s a pretty glorious one this time, if I do say so myself. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that are awesome–like a Game of Thrones theme song devoted entirely to Peter Dinklage. Like, ENTIRELY. Watch it and you’ll see what I mean. Many thanks to my friend HoneyB (who posted this review back during NOOOOvember) for sharing this with me! She really does know me too well. Continue reading

Game of Thrones: seven families, one (ugly) throne

Game of Thrones

It’s time for another TV review theme! This round of reviews will hone in on (drum roll, please)…Grown-Up Fantasy! There’s been a steady stream of fantasy television over the last several years, and though most of it is appropriate for families, some shows are geared strictly toward adults. Of these grown-up fantasy shows, probably none of them are more clearly for adults than HBO’s huge hit, Game of Thrones. Continue reading