Premiere Particulars: Tyrant

tyrant 1

Apologies, peeps—I’m a little behind on my TV watching. This one has already shown two episodes…whoops. Haha. Nonetheless, FX’s Tyrant was one I wanted to get around to checking out, as I mentioned in this write-up of summer TV. The premise sounded pretty interesting, and I’ve seen so many great things from FX that I thought this was sure to live up. So did it? Let’s talk about the particulars. Continue reading

The Skinny: Upcoming Summer TV

This is how I watch TV in the summer.

This is how I watch TV in the summer.

Happy Friday, friends! I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been feeling a little lost now that many of my favorite TV shows are on hiatus. Wow—did that sound as pathetic to you as it did to me? Maybe “lost” is being melodramatic, but it is a little sad not to have those pick-me-ups to look forward to throughout the week. Continue reading