April Fools 2014: Snap Crackle Watch!


Well, here it is, guys–the last guest list. *sniffle* So that’s the sad news. Here’s the great news: the hilarious Melissa from Snap Crackle Watch! is here to share that list. Have you been to Melissa’s site? She cracks me up with film reviews and TV recaps (particularly her Game of Thrones ones…pure gold). Be sure to follow her! Continue reading

April Fools 2014: Alex Raphael


I may be on a plane to New York, but while I’m away, the April Fools are out to play! I have several fantastic guest lists lined up, including today’s list from Alex Raphael! Alex’s site is a whole mix of awesome stuff–movie reviews, quizzes, quotes, pictures, and more. Check it out fo sho! Anyway, let’s see Alex’s favorite idiots, shall we? 🙂 Continue reading

April Fools 2014: Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop

tmpc pic

Know what it seems like a good day for? Sharing some more lovable idiots from the wide world of film and television. And Chris from Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coop is just the guy to do it! Chris not only has a rockin’ site name and grading system, but he has excellent, thoughtful film reviews. And he might even teach you a thing or two with his “What is…” posts. Of course I don’t know why I’m telling your guys this because I am certain you follow him. 😉 Let’s see who Chris chose for his April Fools!

Continue reading