NOOOOvember 2015: Cara’s Top 5 Disappointments of 2015

Even Frodo understands the crushing blow of a disappointing movie.

Hey, folks! Many apologies for my absence of late. Over the past week I have been dealing with: 1) a water heater busting and turning half of my apartment into a lake, 2) a brief bout of illness, and 3) driving five hours away from home to take a week-long class for work. Continue reading

Duets: The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

mission impossible rn

I tell you what, guys, I am on FIRE with these film pairings lately. Last time, I paired off the latest superhero flicks (Fantastic Four and Ant-Man, which you can read all about here), and now I’ve got the latest spy flicks for you! Truly, it is the summer of Marvel and espionage. Continue reading