Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special: The Day of the Doctor


I couldn’t help myself. Between seeing a new trailer for the third season of Sherlock and celebrating Doctor Who’s 50th birthday, I simply had to let my geek flag fly by writing up a little something about the Day of the Doctor special that just aired. Well, it actually aired several long hours ago, but I just now watched it online (shhh don’t tell). Continue reading

Doctor Who: the weird and the wonderful

doctor who

My “British Invasion” TV reviews continue! Time to cover a classic—a show that has been a staple of British television for nearly 50 years (in fact, the show has a 50th anniversary special coming up in November). I am talking, of course, about Doctor Who. While this show has always been steadily popular across the pond, it’s taken a while for the U.S. to catch on. In fact Continue reading