Doctor Who Teaser Trailer #2

Hiya, folks! I’d hoped to have a new write-up for you guys today, but since I didn’t quite get that written in time…How about a new teaser trailer for the upcoming season of Doctor Who?? Haha. A bit more revealed here. Clearly, the 12th (13th?) Doctor is going to be a very different fella from his previous incarnation. I get the impression that Peter Capaldi will be much more intense than Matt Smith–hopefully just as wonderful, too! Continue reading

Doctor Who Teaser Trailer

Hi, guys! Nothing substantial today (a friend is in town and we’re off having adventures), but I did want to point out that the teaser trailer for season eight of Doctor Who has been released. It…doesn’t reveal much. Haha. But it does confirm that it’ll be coming our way in August! Here’s hoping season eight is as awesome as the 50th Anniversary Special!