Red 2: same old agents, but enough new tricks?


Generally, I’m not drawn to FBI/CIA/police action films. So many of them come out each year, yet so few of them have truly memorable plots or characters. I usually forget the details of these cookie cutter films within a few days of seeing them. But Red sticks out to me as a cut above the rest. Continue reading

Despicable Me 2: the return of the minions


You know what? I love kids’ movies. No shame. Pixar’s Up and DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon are easily among my all-time favorite movies, closely followed by the likes of Toy Story 3, Kung Fu Panda, and The Emperor’s New Groove. And I think I’ve finally figured out why I love them Continue reading

Now You See Me: the clever crime of Ocean’s Eleven plus the magic of David Copperfield

Is it just me, or has this movie kind of flown under the radar? Surrounded by big, much-advertised summer films, Now You See Me seems to have gotten lost in the fray. But I distinctly remember getting excited about the trailer when I first saw it. With names like Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, and Mark Ruffalo Continue reading