Resolutions 2015: 2001: A Space Odyssey

resolution odyssey 1.5

First full week of a brand new year? Do you guys know what that means?! OH YEAH. IT’S TIME FOR SOME RESOLUTIONS. This is a series I started last year to inspire myself and others to check some must-watch films off of those long, long lists we all have. It’s a great way to get yourself in gear for another year of movie reviews. Continue reading

Resolutions 2014: The Shining

shining 2

If there’s anything I’ve learned from Resolutions 2014, it’s this: MovieRob is a film resolution machine!!! Not only is he on his FIFTH resolution for my blog (he’s already done The Third Man, Double Indemnity, A Clockwork Orange, and Gone With the Wind), but he seems to have begun a campaign to cross all his must-watch films off his list! Continue reading