Kingsman: The Secret Service: bloody good fun


Once again, I’m doing a pretty wretched job of seeing the films I vowed to see at the beginning of the year (see that list here), but this was one I wasn’t about to miss—partly because the other offerings so far this year are apparently terrible, partly because this was the first one I’d been hearing good things about. Continue reading

Schuster Sister Shenanigans: Jurassic Park

jurassic park

The time is ripe for more shenanigans! That’s right—after having a grand old time watching and texting about Star Wars Episodes IV-VI (the likes of which you can read about in the Shenanigans Archives), my lovely sister, Laura Jo, and I decided we were ready to take on another trilogy. We just so happened to be hankering for dinosaurs. Continue reading

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Marvel’s Phase Two is going strong


I realize at this point they’ve become as overdone as zombies and vampires, but I freaking love superhero movies. When one is on its way to theaters, I inevitably round up a group of nerdy friends and make a midnight trek to see it—because God forbid we wait until the day it comes out. We simply must see it before the rest of the world. Plus, midnight superhero movie premieres make for excellent people-watching. At this premiere, I got to see an overweight couple dressed as Captain America and Black Widow. And in case you were wondering, yes—people did take pictures with them. God bless nerds. God bless (Captain) America.

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