Duets: Poltergeist and Spy

spy 2

OMG, guys!!! I’m FINALLY doing another movie review!!! In fact, I’m not reviewing one movie, but TWO!!! Sigh. It’s nice to have a bit of time to write again. 🙂 June was a crazy month. Here’s to a (hopefully) chill July. Anyway, boy do I have a pair of vastly different movies for you today. Continue reading

Neighbors: beer pong, breast pumps, and a battle royale


It’s not often that a pure comedy will spark my curiosity. Of the 20 Films I expressed interest in seeing this year, I guess only three of them (this, 22 Jump Street, and Horrible Bosses 2) would be considered pure comedies (unless you count The Lego Movie, but I tend to lump animated films into a different category). Well-done comedies seem especially hard to come by—perhaps even harder to ferret out than well-done horrors Continue reading