NOOOOvember 2014: The Fluff Is Raging AND a Fond Series Farewell

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So I hate to break it to you guys, but…today is the last day of NOOOOvember. Please try not to cry too much, okay? Or wait–are those tears of joy because you’re ready to hear about movies that AREN’T disappointing…? Well, for better or worse, today we shall bid adieu to this series. Continue reading

NOOOOvember 2014: Dell on Movies

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Are you all recovering from your food comas and your midnight shopping sprees? I sure hope so. Because you know what follows all of that? DISAPPOINTMENT…here at Silver Screen Serenade, anyway. That’s right–I’m here to bring you yet another disappointing NOOOOvember film, this time from my new friend Dell from over at Dell on Movies. Have you guys been over to see Dell? Continue reading

NOOOOvember 2014: The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger

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It’s always disappointing to have to suffer through another Monday, huh? Here’s the bright side: I’ve got some NOOOOvember disappointments for you here that I think most of us can agree on and vent about together. This list is comin’ atcha from the lovely and wonderful Miss Zoë from The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger. She gave this post a good long think and came up with 10 pretty spot-on letdowns. Take it away, lady! Continue reading

NOOOOvember 2014: Cara’s Top 10 Disappointments of 2014

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Happy Friday, amigos, and welcome to another NOOOOvember rant! Today, I will be taking over the venting, but kudos to Oracle of Film and The White’s List for kicking off NOOOOvember in style this week! If you missed their contributions, definitely go check them out by clicking here and here. For one of my write-ups, I thought it’d be fun to do another top ten list. So here we go! Continue reading

NOOOOvember 2014: The White’s List


Time for more NOOOOvember disappointments, amigos! Many of you have been very faithful participants in my little blogathons for awhile, and words cannot express how much I love you for that, but today I’m thrilled to introduce a new face around here: the lovely Miss Brittany of The White’s List! Have you been over to Brittany’s blog? She really has some great stuff–Once Upon a Time recaps, top 10 (or 15 or 20) lists, posts that reflect on bits of history, and so much more.

Continue reading

NOOOOvember 2014: Oracle of Film’s Grand Opening

Good day and a very warm welcome to the kickoff of NOOOOvember 2014!!!! Unlike my last series, which celebrated movies we love, this series is all about movies we expected to love, only to be let down by the end of them. Lord knows we’ve all experienced that. NOOOOvember will serve as an outlet to vent about these disappointing films. Trust me, it’s actually quite therapeutic (just see the archives to peruse last year’s disappointments). Continue reading