Duets: Tomorrowland and What We Do in the Shadows

what we do in the shadows

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. In this movie pairing, you will find my first real disappointment of the year. It’s a major bummer—especially because the film I’m referring to made this list of 25 films that caught my interest for this year. Continue reading

Blogiversary Bash: A Patriotic Tribute with Drop Dead Gorgeous

Patriotic pug FTW

Patriotic pug FTW

Good day, beloved readers, and a very happy Fourth of July to you! Yes, non-American peeps, bear with me–I am partly here to celebrate my country and its 200+ years of existence, but given that I’m doing that while also celebrating one of my very favorite comedies, I feel you won’t want to punch me by the end of this post. At least, I hope. Continue reading