Man of Steel: Superman reboot less than super?

Reblog time begins! I’m kicking it off with my very first movie review ever. Basically, this is the film that gave birth to Silver Screen Serenade. For better or worse, that film is Man of Steel.

Silver Screen Serenade


When I heard that Superman was getting a reboot, I wasn’t exactly super enthused. To be fair, I’ve always been a Batman fan at heart, but I also had the 2006 attempt at reviving Superman on my mind. If I remember correctly, the attempt was less than successful—more of a sentimental tribute to the old movies than a try at anything new.

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The Skinny: Ten Summer Movies

2013 summer movies

Summer is winding down and so is a jam-packed movie season. As students prepare to go back to school and adults mourn dwindling vacation hours, it’s nice to get in one last trip to the theater before we return to the daily grind. But there’s so much to choose from! How can you know what’s worth the price of that pricey movie ticket? Maybe I can help. Continue reading