Resolutions 2016: 12 Angry Men

12 angry men 1.5

Hi there, friends! Well, after kicking off my Resolutions series last week with a couple of awesome guest posts and little post of my own, we’re gonna continue it with yet another awesome guest film resolution! Today’s contributor? Mr. Drew of Drew’s Movie Reviews! Continue reading

Blogiversary Bash: Why On the Waterfront Is a Contender

Blogiversary is ending soon? Time to party like wizards.

Blogiversary is ending soon?! Time to party like angsty wizards.

Well, folks, this epic Blogiversary Bash will be drawing to a close this week, but rest assured–there are a few more¬†awesome things still to come! Just you wait. ūüėČ But for today, I have a sad, sad confession to make: I am not very well-versed in¬†black-and-white classics. I’ve seen some, sure, but there are still so very many that I need to see. Luckily, the film I’m discussing today was one¬†I checked off my list a few years back–all thanks to a film class, actually. Continue reading