The Skinny: 25 Films of 2015

Just, um...ignore that one in the top left hand corner. Heh.

Just, um…ignore that one in the top left hand corner. Heh.

Happy Friday, friends! Have a good New Year? All recovered from whatever shenanigans you got into on New Year’s Eve? I hope so! Because we have some very important things to discuss today. What are we discussing? Why, this year’s movie roster, of course! I’ve picked out 25 films that I am itching to see. Continue reading

The Skinny: 20 Films of 2014

happy new year Happy 2014, everybody!!! Whoops—did I say that too loud? Sorry. I’ll whisper. I know you’re still recovering from last night, so let me spare you the large block of text and get right to the point: here are 20 films I’m looking forward to in this brand spankin’ new year. Continue reading