Duets: Trainwreck and Paper Towns

paper towns 2

It’s Friday once again! Huzzah! And I’ve got a brand-spankin’ new pair of films to talk about. The target audiences for these are way different from each other, but they kind of touch on some of the same themes, I guess (albeit very, very loosely), and they’re both actually pretty good for what they are. But we’ll get into that. Continue reading

NOOOOvember 2013: Get Him to the Greek


Welcome back to NOOOOvember, kiddos! Three lovely guest bloggers (The IPC, With a Friend Like Gary, and JJames Reviews) and myself have all been venting about our biggest film disappointments, and you can view all of these therapeutic posts in the NOOOOvember 2013 Archives. But now it’s time for another film letdown. Continue reading