Don Jon: Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s interesting directorial debut

Though, for me, it was far from movie of the year, I actually have a lot of respect for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s directorial debut, Don Jon. It was gutsy, and I admire that. What did you guys think?

Silver Screen Serenade


In the midst of watching a bajillion horror movies for Spook Series 2013, I kind of let this film slide. It’s been out for about a month, and I’ve been anxious to see it not only because I admire Joseph Gordon-Levitt (his talent as well as that pretty face), but because I’ve heard a lot of good buzz.

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Blogiversary Bash: Where the Wild Things Are

party hedgehog

Party Hedgehog is SO ready to party.

Time for more celebrating! I tell you what, Blogiversary Bash has been amazing so far, and this post is absolutely no exception! I’m thrilled that Abbi from Where the Wild Things Are is here to party today. Have you been to her site? Probably, but just in case you didn’t know, Abbi has a little bit of everything: movie reviews, top ten lists, throwback pics, recipes, cute outfits, etc. Seriously, this girl has something for everyone, so go have a peek at her site! Continue reading

Genre Grandeur – Inception (2010)

The awesome Mr. MovieRob recently sent out a request for reviews for his cool new series, Genre Grandeur. The series will hone in on the best of the best in a different genre each month, but the focus for March is thrillers. Naturally, I couldn’t resist writing up a little something about Inception. Check it out! Also, Rob is accepting reviews through the 25th, so definitely take some time to write about your favorite thriller and send it his way!


For my next Genre Grandeur guest review, I present you with a review by Cara from Silver Screen Serenade.  Cara has a great blog and whats more, she has great ideas for blogathons.  Her Nooovember and Resolutions posts were amazing.  Check out her site if you don’t already.

Here’s a review of Cara’s favorite Thriller – Inception (2010).

Take it away Cara….

inception gg

“You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.” – Eames

 Number of Times Seen – Not totally sure. I know I saw it in theaters three times. All in all, this was my sixth or seventh viewing at the very least.

Brief Synopsis – “A skilled extractor is offered a chance to regain his old life as payment for a task considered to be impossible.” (from IMDb)

My Take On It – I said it after my first viewing and I’m still saying…

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