Duets: Snowpiercer and The Guest

the guest

The Duet review strikes again! I’ve been doing a lot of these lately, haven’t I? I promise I’ll be back to my more traditional, thorough review format very soon—saw a new movie that I’m itching to talk about—but for now I’ll discuss a couple of fairly new releases. One of these I really dug, and the other was a smidge disappointing. Continue reading

Duets: I, Frankenstein and Only Lovers Left Alive

only lovers left alive 1

Here we go again! Got another Duet for you guys! This one tackles a couple of recent DVD releases. Correction: one is recent and the other I thought was recent, yet I discovered it was released in May. Haha. But it works out because both of these movies address classic monsters, though one does a better job than the other. Continue reading

The Night of the Doctor

Okay, Doctor Who nerds–I couldn’t help myself. The BBC released a mini-episode earlier today entitled The Night of the Doctor, which vaguely explains the origins of John Hurt’s “War Doctor.” Very, very interesting…Also some help from Eighth Doctor Paul McGann. Check it out! The Day of the Doctor 50th anniversary special is nearly upon us (Nov. 23)!