Cara’s Top 10 Horror Movie Heroines

horror heroine

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, my friends. Life is a tiny bit crazy right now. But I’m back with a vengeance today to talk about one of my favorite elements of scary movies: the horror heroine. Now when I say “horror heroine,” I’m not talking about the half-naked slutty chicks that get slaughtered in the first third of so many awful gorefests or the clumsy, brain-dead innocents who walk home by themselves at night and trip a million times when the killer begins to chase them. Continue reading

Resolutions 2014: Taxi Driver


After nearly a whole week of letting everyone else do the work on my blog, I decided it’s high time for me to step back up and fulfill some more of my own film resolutions. If you’ve missed this series so far, definitely peruse the Resolutions 2014 Archives because there have been some truly excellent write-ups. Continue reading