Insidious: Chapter 2: less is definitely more


It may not be the best horror film out there, but I really enjoy the first Insidious. In fact, it’s probably one of my favorite horrors of the last few years. There’s a wonderful old-school vibe to it, the family is likeable, the ghouls are creepy, and there’s a nice surprise at the end—all things that make it a fun ride. So when I heard that Chapter 2 was on its way Continue reading

The Conjuring: everything horror should be


Since this is my first horror film review, I’m going to take a minute to vent by saying that I hate a solid 50 to 75 percent of recent horror films out there. Horror has become synonymous with gore, and I absolutely cannot stand an abundance of grossness. Why would I want to pay for a movie that I can’t even watch because it’s so disgusting? If I’m dishing out money for a pricey movie ticket Continue reading