April Fools 2014: Snap Crackle Watch!


Well, here it is, guys–the last guest list. *sniffle* So that’s the sad news. Here’s the great news: the hilarious Melissa from Snap Crackle Watch! is here to share that list. Have you been to Melissa’s site? She cracks me up with film reviews and TV recaps (particularly her Game of Thrones ones…pure gold). Be sure to follow her! Continue reading

April Fools 2014: Screenkicker!


Good day, friends! Looking for more lovable idiots? Mikey from the hilarious Screenkicker! can help with that! By which I mean he has a list–although we might call him a lovable idiot, too. 😉 If you haven’t paid a visit to Sreenkicker!, be sure to pop on over because not only does Mikey’s blog cover all kinds of things film and television, but Continue reading