Schuster Sister Shenanigans: Zombieland

zombieland poster

Hey, guys! I’m FINALLY here with a new post this week! Apologies for the absence—it’s been surprisingly busy around here lately! Anyway, I decided it was time to revive something that I haven’t done for a long while—some Schuster Sister Shenanigans! Continue reading

Blogiversary Bash: A Patriotic Tribute with Drop Dead Gorgeous

Patriotic pug FTW

Patriotic pug FTW

Good day, beloved readers, and a very happy Fourth of July to you! Yes, non-American peeps, bear with me–I am partly here to celebrate my country and its 200+ years of existence, but given that I’m doing that while also celebrating one of my very favorite comedies, I feel you won’t want to punch me by the end of this post. At least, I hope. Continue reading