Spook Series 2015: A Terrifying Trio (#1-3)

bub day of the dead 2

It’s kind of hard to believe, but…IT’S OFFICIALLY OCTOBER!!! And if you’ve been around this humble little blog for a while, then you probably know what comes next: it’s time for Spook Series, y’all. 😀 This is something I’ve done every year since I started blogging, and I always have a blast. Continue reading

Spook Series 2014: A Fearsome Foursome (#15-18)

spook series 4.5

Say it ain’t so! Is this really my LAST batch of horror films for this year’s Spook Series? How did this month go by so fast?! Well, I’ve had an absolute blast watching all this stuff—even if I did only get through a fraction of the films I’d hoped to watch. I know 18 isn’t anything to be ashamed of, but last year I did 79, dammit! Clearly, my ambition has diminished since last year. Haha. But enough with my woes. Continue reading

The Conjuring: everything horror should be


Since this is my first horror film review, I’m going to take a minute to vent by saying that I hate a solid 50 to 75 percent of recent horror films out there. Horror has become synonymous with gore, and I absolutely cannot stand an abundance of grossness. Why would I want to pay for a movie that I can’t even watch because it’s so disgusting? If I’m dishing out money for a pricey movie ticket Continue reading