Premiere Particulars: Game of Thrones

game of thrones pp

Like I was going to miss the opportunity to gush about the premiere of Game of Thrones. For a review of the first three seasons, feel free to look at this post I did awhile back. Otherwise, continue on to hear my thoughts on the first episode of HBO’s fourth season of the best fantasy drama around, Game of Thrones (and don’t worry—no spoilers).

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Game of Thrones: seven families, one (ugly) throne

Game of Thrones

It’s time for another TV review theme! This round of reviews will hone in on (drum roll, please)…Grown-Up Fantasy! There’s been a steady stream of fantasy television over the last several years, and though most of it is appropriate for families, some shows are geared strictly toward adults. Of these grown-up fantasy shows, probably none of them are more clearly for adults than HBO’s huge hit, Game of Thrones. Continue reading