April Fools 2015: MovieRob

star wars april fools

Well, here we are again–another Monday. Fortunately, I have a little something to soften the blow: one last guest review for April Fools! I’ll be wrapping up the series and thanking all of my glorious guests later this week, but before all that my friend MovieRob has a little something to say about a franchise so many of us adore. Continue reading

Schuster Sister Shenanigans: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

tod 1

Oh yeah. It’s time for Shenanigans. Last time, my sister and I began our texting adventure with everybody’s favorite archaeologist, Indiana Jones, in his premiere tale, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Naturally, the next step was Temple of Doom. Warning: we hate the leading lady in this, and we make that pretty clear. Continue reading